A better way to stay

Experience hassle-free rentals.

Screened parties, verified properties, seamless stays, and lower
fees for both guests and hosts.


Seamless check-in & out process

Trusted stays

All parties screened and all properties verified

Pay less and retain more guests

Hosts earn 10% more and guests save an average of 20% compared to compared to competing platforms

Transparent pricing

Bunk now and save

Improving the rental process

A worry-free experience for both hosts and guests, with insurance that actually covers.

  • Content-rich direct listings

  • $1M Insurance each stay

  • Happy guests, repeat bookings

Bunks was created to bring security, simplicity and value to the vacation rental industry, while enhancing both the host and guest experience

Our Simple guided listing process makes it
easy to start earning.

Easy listing experience

Witness your listing effortlessly come to life. Simply stroll through your home, capture photos & video on your phone, and our BunksAI techonology generates a comprehensive profile of your property.

  • AI-assisted listing
  • Supports photos and video
  • Floorplan builder
  • Showcase amenities
  • Share to other services
  • Accurate property map

Screened and secure

Safety, security, and trust are our top priorities. We screen all hosts and guests with background checks, and both sides are protected with $1M insurance coverage. Rest assured knowing all properties, hosts, and bunkers are verified.

Guests & cleaning crews can quickly log damage and request maintenance offering peace of mind and accountability.

  • Virtual inspections

  • Damage & security mitigation

  • Maintenance request

Transparent pricing & better value

For short-term rental homeowners, finding a company that offers a fair and predictable fee structure can be challenging. At Bunks, we understand the importance of maximizing your profit without burdening guests with excessive fees. That's why we stand out from the competition.

The Bunks difference

Bunks' cost-effective fee structure includes lower rates, flat fees, and bonus incentives so that you can enjoy the benefits of partnering with a direct listing service while putting more money in your pocket.

Based on a real stay

Three nights at a Paradise
Ranch with Hot tub

4.97(35 reviews)

Pricing comparison based on a real 3 night stay

  • Per night rate
  • Guest pays
  • Owner receives

Major Platform

  • $500 x3
  • $1,737.15
  • $1,260

  • $500 x3
  • $1,605
  • $1,395

  • Guest Saves:
  • Host Earns an Extra:
  • $132.15
  • $135.00

A range of benefits for both homeowners and guests.

Bunks verification

Comprehensive background screening for all guests and hosts ensures a safe and secure rental process.

$1M insurance

Bunks provides $1M insurance coverage against liability and damages for both hosts and guests. Consistent check-ins help ensure properties remain in top condition.

Peer reviews

Choose with confidence. Our verified property reviews offer genuine insights from actual guests, ensuring informed decisions and avoiding potential disappointment.

Maintenance portal

24/7 maintenance services allow for prompt response and resolution to any unexpected situations that arise.

Consistent check-in & out process

Our consistent check-in and check-out process across the entire Bunks network ensures a seamless experience for guests and hosts, establishing clear expectations and minimizing confusion.

Secure messaging helps to create a smooth booking experience. The Bunks platform allows for direct messaging between hosts and guests, allowing you to share important information in a safe and secure manner.

Make your home bunks.